SemanticComments Sandbox

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SemanticComments Sandbox

Just click on "Show comments" below to read and add comments.

Have a look at the article of our sandbox user to discover his latest comments powered by Template:Show comments infobox for user. Feel free to use this template on all your user pages by entering

{{Show comments infobox for user

to these articles. We also created a sample article to display the best rated articles in this wiki that calls Template:Show best rated articles. You can use this template call in any other pages, too.

{{Show best rated articles

Since version 1.4.0 the SemanticComments extension recommends to install the Widgets extensions. If you accepted this, these widget examples would make a quick impression about how to embed widgets to a page.

More information can be found also in the SemanticComments extension help article. Get this extension on our download page!


{{#set: |Article has average rating={{#averagerating:}} }} {{#showcommentform:}}

{{#ask: Belongs to article::SemanticComments SandboxModification date::+

 | ?Has comment person
 | ?Has comment date
 | ?Has comment text
 | ?Has comment rating
 | ?Belongs to comment
 | ?Comment was deleted#true,false
 | ?Has comment editor
 | ?Modification date
 | ?Has attached article
 | format=template
 | template=CommentResult
 | sort=Has comment date
 | order=asc
 | link=none
 | limit=100