Platform-agnostic Mindstorm EV3

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For now, this page just holds some notes and links, while I'm preparing for the Mindstorm project.

Initial goal is to get a graphical programming environment up and running on linux with an EV3 set running regular firmware.

Communication Protocols

Programming Language (and environment)

For now, I will be looking at integrating this with scratch. Maybe I can get extensions to work without the developer account requirement by installing it locally. Maybe I should just spend time on figuring out how to get a developer account.

  • Zaluum looks good, but is geared towards data processing, not directive languages.
  • How about Blockly? Comes with a lot less bagage than Scratch. No flash, which is a plus.


  • scratch javascript to wifi? Since this is initiated through UDP, this may require a proxy service to run.
    • note to self: creating an (http-) portal/proxy service to "all visible EV3 devices" may be useful all by itself. In the end, I just want to xmlrpc to the brick.
  • scratch to USB serial or HID should work, but requires a cable.
  • Direct execution (from the scratch environment) vs. program-and-run.

Firmware alternatives

Although not currently investigated, communications may be a lot easier if the smart brick runs a custom firmware.