WiFi telescope and camera control

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I'm so happy with my new telescope! This Skywatcher 150mm telescope (150P-DS) came with a decent motor-controlled mount with go-to capability (EQM-35 Pro). Out of the box, it comes with a SynScan hand controller, which is fine, if somewhat tedious to use. However, when using this mounts go-to capabilities with a WiFi bridge (instead of the hand controller) and the SynScan Pro app this telescope is a pure joy to use.

The app also has a function to control a camera attached to the mount controller. Unfortunately, the EQM-35 Pro is not equipped with a SNAP port, the port to which a camera can be connected, so with a regular WiFi adapter, you can't use that functionality.

It would be nice to have a WiFi-to-serial bridge that could also implement the camera controls sent by SynScan Pro app. And luckily, with cheap WiFi enabled microcontrollers available, this is relatively easy to do!

Telescope and camera
Telescope and camera