Kiln temperature controller

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General description

This circuit is intended to control a pottery oven. It uses the MAX6675 thermocouple-to-digital converter to measure oven temperatures. An oven schedule will consist of a list of (s, d)-tuples, where s stands for time in seconds and d for temperature in degrees Celcius. When started, the AVR should work through the list of tuples and for each tuple move to desired temperature d taking s seconds to get there.

The circuit uses an LCD display, a rotary encoder and two buttons for its user interface. The oven is controlled through a relay. Since the oven will be in a shed and the users would like to monitor the ovens progress from home, the controller will send its status periodically through a (cheap) 433Mhz transmitter. The See the Wireless LCD display project (which is finished).

Project notes

Project Status

Switched to AVR (from SX). Hardware platform now ready (max6675, LCD, LCD backlight control, rotary encoder, 2 switches, relay + driver, transmitter, receiver, led and programming header). First test with 'hardcoded' oven program successful. module tests of max6676, rotary encoder, LCD and relay successfully completed. Total hardware cost: around €33,-, including K-type thermocouple probe.

Oven controller top.jpg Oven controller pcb.jpg

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