Eclipse plugin for SX assembly language

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Reasons to create another SX-ide

  • I'm planning a move from Windows to Linux and want to keep on writing SX assembly programs
  • Being used to high-level language IDEs, I very much miss some features in SXKey, like overview windows, bookmarks, being able to paste into the find-dialog, etc.
  • I'm new to both Java and Eclipse, so I thought creating an eclipse-plugin would be a nice challenge…


  • After Installing the latest Eclipse version (Europe), my plugin does not run anymore. Neither does it allow me to debug in any useful way
  • Syntax highlighting finished
  • Outline partially done
  1. need to implement update-as-you-type (reconciler). Currently the outline is only created when you load the file, which is of limited use…
  2. recognize local labels
  3. separate jump, macro, and EQU-labels
  • Content assist: still deciding whether it's needed. Would be cool though...
  • tool chain: see sx assembler
    • Somebody is/was working on a tool chain, see this thread on the parallax SX forum
    • this anouncement of an open source SX28 emulator would be relevant as well.
  • I still have to figure out how to wrap this into a nice distributable package.

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